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We are Annika and Daniel Dahlvik , the entrepreneur couple that are behind the founding of Flakeshop.

The idea to be able to offer our clients a shop with focus on everything regarding metal flakes have been in our minds several years, when we have ourselves missed such a webshop when we have needed materials for our own projects.

Our company foundation are our car paint shop, Hälls Garage Ab Oy, that was founded by Daniel in 2013. Annika joined the company in 2020, and after that we have with joined forces been able to develope our company, and 2023 we founded Flakeshop as a supplementary firm name to Hälls Garage.

We hope that with flakeshop we will be able to make metal flakes and the needed equipment more easy accessable, so that you, regardless if you are a professional or are doing it as a hobby, will be able to get all things needed from one place.

Our focus are on the webshop, but you are also welcome to our shop in Kronoby, that are placed in Ostrobothnia on the Finnish westcoast. You can also meet us at shows and events, we will always inform you of where we will be. We deliver in Finland, and to the rest of the EU countries, so that you can easily make your order and get it delivered to your chosen place.

Our suppliers

Tropical Glitz:

Tropical glitz was founded in 2015 by Manny Martinez Sr. He started the company to pay for his sons medical needs. Manny Jr, one of the twin boys, was born paralyzed, and all profits was used to pay for his therapies in the beginning of the company history. The business got an unexpected succes, and the company gained other purposes, to help artists around the world by providing them with high quality products. Today a percentage of the profit goes to cover 100% of Manny Jr medical needs. Tropical Glitz continues to reinvest of its profits into the business to provide painters and artists all over the world with high quality products.

Manny himself have his roots within car painting, and when he in his teenage years started to paint Kustom cars and lowriders, he quickly discovered how much clearance was needed to bury the metal flakes. With a dream and a need to change the industry, he started Tropical Glitz. All products have been tested by Manny himself. The flakes are made of polyester to give the ultimate glimmer and shine.  These flakes are the thinnest in the market today, wich will save you both time and money when it comes to the amount of clarity you will need.

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